Keith Hill believes in miracles despite relegation staring Bolton in face

Keith Hill believes in miracles despite relegation staring Bolton in face

Keith Hill compares Bolton’s situation to a marriage: ‘If things start to go wrong, do you just give up on it?’

“If things start to travel wrong, does one just hand over on it?” he says. “I’ve been married for 29 years and you’ve got to stay with it. rather than abandoning or walking away you ought to look to ascertain if you’ll salvage something.”

In all probability Bolton are going to be attempting to try to to that from a good lower position next season, if they’re unable to stop a return to rock bottom division for the primary time since 1988. wouldn’t it not be easier just to simply accept their fate rather than believing they still have a chance?

Hill thinks not. “I’ve never been relegated, so I don’t know, but it’s possible that if our fate is confirmed before the top of the season there could be a positive bounce because there’s no pressure,” he says. “That’s not the solution though, until relegation becomes a mathematical certainty we’ve to seek out how of performing struggling . We can’t pretend we’ve tons to smile about at the instant but we do know what we do .

“We are dealt a difficult hand and that we try to form the simplest of it. I don’t want to stay hearing that the players aren’t ok , because that’s detrimental to a gaggle that’s working hard to seek out how forward.”
Hill and his players know they need support within the town and on the terraces, attendances have delayed quite well through all the tribulations of the past few months, though that too might change should Bolton’s fate be sealed before the top of the season. agen sbobet online

“The impossible dream remains alive, albeit we’ve to win 12 of our last 16 games,” the manager says. “That might sound impossible, but sometimes it can just take one result or one thing to click into place to line you on a run. That’s what I keep saying, but I also keep saying we’ve to chop out the mistakes. We played well at Doncaster the opposite night, but we conceded one goal before the interval and another after it.

“Apart from that we gave an honest account of ourselves against a settled side that doesn’t have any of our problems. We’ve shown a couple of opponents we are capable of that but we can’t keep making a gift of goals, otherwise we are just getting to keep getting beat 2-1 for the remainder of the season.”